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Many still renderings can be completed within a week and are currently offered at the most competitive rates around.  Please gather some estimates from competitor links provided on the links page and come back for a rate that will astound you.  Please take a moment to browse through our Portfolio.  The projects span over 10 years with various purposes from conceptual to more photo realistic.

Our estimates vary based on a few factors:

  •     Number of rendered building sides
  •     Complexity of the details
  •     Day only or night shots included
  •     Rendering completion date

How can your prices be so low?

  •     Lower overhead
  •     Trying to build a larger client base through competitive pricing


Call Now

Contact us today for your first project.  We will price it at the lowest price possible to develop a working relationship with you and show you what we can offer.


Special Pricing

The Economy has been rough on our whole sector and has forced us all to become more competitive and cut costs where we can.  The specials will run for as long as we can keep them going.  Eventually we will be increasing our overhead through new computer technologies and will need to end certain specials.  Act now and enjoy the special rate.

Digital Pigment Studio is always striving to stay current with the latest technologies available to bring you a better product. We are in the process of purchasing additional 3D content such as trees, cars, and people to bring you a better product each time you return.