Rendering Services - Ways we can help


Digital Pigment Studio can help you with:

  •  Temporary AutoCad Drafting
  •  Graphics and Presentation Boards
  •  3D Renderings and Animations
  •  Interactive Content from a Website to a Portfolio


AutoCad Drafting

Do you have a new project beginning but it’s not the right time to add another full time employee?

We have the ability to work on your firm’s drawing files either remotely or stationed in your office. We have experience drafting Architectural, Mechanical, Plumbing, and Electrical drawings.


Graphics / Presentations

We combine today’s AutoCad Drawings with modern technology to provide you with artistic presentations.

  • Graphic Site Plans with realistic color schemes and plants
  • Graphic Floor Plans with better color selections than AutoCad
  • 3D Modeled Elevations on Presentations
  • 3D Modeled Perspectives on Presentations

With your imagination the options are endless.

We work with a wide range of Architectural firms -from one person to large corporations.  Now anyone can stay competitive in the industry  with just an occasional “must have” rendering.  We want to build that relationship with you to become your first call when the need arises.


3D Renderings and Animations

Exterior Renderings
Exterior images are extremely popular with Architectural Firms and Developers to help assist in marketing a property and help the owner visualize the design concept.  Digital Pigment will render a variety of perspectives and aerials to help you achieve your goal.

Photo Compositions
Before and After Photos from a camera match make an exceptional presentation to a prospective client.  These are most effective when shown in PowerPoint (you see the image morph visually) but can also be effective when printed as part of presentation boards.

360 Panoramic
Panoramic Images do not take much longer than still images and can help owners understand the space.  These work great on an Ipad…you simply must see this.  If you have an Ipad give us a call and ee would gladly bring an IPad to your office for a personal demonstration.  If you are more hands on – We can send you instructions on how to download and place a test project from us on yours.

3D Animations
For some projects still images just won’t demonstrate the dynamics of your design.  Animations normally take longer to produce since you need around 30 still frames per second of animation.


Interactive Content

We have experience creating websites utilizing Swish Max and WordPress.

Recent Work:

Created a Swish based Project CD for the owner.  The disk contained an auto launching menu of a site map with over 30 components.  The components changed when hovered and linked to documents on the disk. Would this be useful for your clients?

Created a touch dynamic portfolio for use on IPad.  This portfolio contains touch based project categories and can be further modified.  Could this help your company?

We created this website and occasionally are asked to create a starter WordPress website.  The starter site is a complete setup along with the education on how you can  easily add content in the future.  Are you looking for a more modern wordpress site or a small firm wanting to start one?